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Jauquet’s Hillview Dairy: Community is key

Thursday, August 2, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Joanna Guza, digital communications manager
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Dave and Stacy Jauquet started farming in 2001 in a rented facility that eventually lead them to Dave’s family farm in Luxemburg. The family farm was purchased in 1966 by his parents and later sold to his brother. In 2007, Dave and Stacy formed a partnership with Dave’s brother, and a 10-row cross-ventilated barn was built. In 2014, they assumed full ownership of this facility. Since then, the Jauquets have added a shop and youngstock barn. The heifers are raised off-site by Stacy’s dad in Stanley, Wis.

DBA: What are you most proud of on your farm?

Jauquets: We are proud of the team of valuable employees who work together to care for our animals. The farm can only work if the team is all engaged and doing their part.

DBA: What sustainable practices are you using on the farm and what benefits have you seen?

Jauquets: Currently, we are no-tilling all wheat and some corn acres to reduce erosion and improve soil health and compaction. Additionally, we plant cover crops on corn stubble to protect and build soil health by preventing erosion, replenishing nutrients and keeping weeds in check.

DBA: How do you engage the non-farming public about dairy farming?

Jauquets: Our farm has always been open to area schools for farm tours in the spring and fall. Stacy is also the Kewaunee County Dairy ambassador for our local schools, which offer dairy programs for 4-year-old kindergarten through fourth grade. In 2012, we were honored to host the Kewaunee County Breakfast on the Farm, which was 30 years after Dave’s parents hosted the very first annual breakfast in our county.

In August, we will host the fifth annual Farm Meets Fork. This invitation-only event brings individuals from all backgrounds, occupations and knowledge of agriculture together with the opportunity to ask questions during a tour and chefs-prepared meal on the farm.

Fuel Up To Play 60 through Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin will be a new and exciting venture for us this year as we continue to remain active in sharing our agriculture story and life.

DBA: What advice would you offer to young farmers?

Jauquets: Work hard. Partnerships can also offer short- or long-term growth and stability. Surround yourself with good, motivating peers. This is a great way to share ideas and to create new ones.

DBA: What does the future hold for Jauquet’s Hillview Dairy?

Jauquets: We want to grow off our efficiencies that are in place now. The industry continues to change and there are always things to improve. This often leads to healthier, more comfortable animals, better use of land and soil, and a stronger return on investment.

DBA: What do you see as major challenges facing the dairy community in the future?

Jauquets: Customer disconnect is a major challenge and loss of opportunity in the dairy community. We need to tell our story and be more transparent to the 98 percent of the consumers who do not live the farm life every day. We believe the education of the non-farm public is vital.

DBA: What technologies have you incorporated on your farm that have greatly benefited your business?

Jauquets: Feed software has been an incredible addition to our farm six years ago. It assists in managing shrink in the mixing center and refusal in the manger. The advancements in animal nutrition allow us to feed specifically for each animals’ needs and be more economical. Both cow and seed genetics have also played a great role in shaping the future potential for our herd. We find the idea of robot barns intriguing with the changes in the workforce and the positive performance seen in this environment.

DBA: If you were talking to people who do not have any connection to agriculture, what would you want to tell them about your farm or the dairy community?

Jauquets: The health of the land and animals is the measurement of our success. The warmth of a new baby calf or the new crop peeking through the soil or the sorrow of an animal’s loss holds a special place in a farmer’s heart and makes this way of life so real. There are times when the farm and doing what’s right come before our own families, and the two often cannot be separated.

DBA: You have been a member of DBA since October 2013. What benefit do you find most helpful?

Jauquets: The political updates from Madison and Capitol Hill are very helpful. We are more informed about what topics are being addressed in government and what actions need our immediate attention.

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